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Born in Poland. Grown up in Rhineland, Mecmoiselle explores topics such as identity, minorities, gender, roles and feminism by using different kinds of media. "It's the message I want to convey or the atmosphere I want to create. That is what I focus on."

Being raised in a rather traditional home, she experienced classic gender roles, minor racism and sexism. After her studies of Fine Art, she moved to Munich where she lived and worked the next 10 years. With her „Silent voices“ (2021/22), she drew attention to femicides in Munich. Active in the intersectual feminist scene, she created a happening in 2021 and 2022 called the EXIT GENDER SPACE, where visitors were invited to explore the other genders. Since 2023, she lives and works in Berlin-Neukölln. With her Vulva Carré Collection (2022/23), she combined art and fashion. „The idea came after my installation Dickpics (2022) where I draw vulvas on pieces of silk. I wanted the vulva to leave the safe space of an art gallery and enter our everyday life. I want every person to be part a (even  small) revolution. To provoke. To be proud. And to make a little change - simply by wearing a Vulva Carré.“

«No matter what you do - do it with all your heart,
your blood,
your passion.»   

*1986.                    Ratibor, Poland

                              raised in Koblenz, Germany

2006 - 10.             Studies of Art and English, University of Koblenz 

since 2012.           living and working in Munich, Germany

2019.                     Sabbatical, traveling Georgia, South America, India

                              Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh, India

since 2020.          Artist studio at Bahnwärter Thiel, Munich



next                 SCHENKT KUNST! Art Market, Marienburgerstr. 16,

                       Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

10/23.     HAAM Hamburg Affordable Art Market, Hamburg

05/23     BAAM Berlin Affordable Art Market, Berlin

04/23.    THE ART OF MUNICH, Kunstblock Balve, Munich

03/23.    You are the garden on melancholy hill, Kulturzetage Messestadt, Munich

2022.     Installation Dickpics (2022) at [kunst]RAUM, Munich 

2022.      Live-Performance as EXIT GENDER SPACE at Freischwimmen meets Rodeo Festival,                  Munich

2022.     Video Installation BODYAKURAT Festival, Import Export, Munich

2022.     Installation They are among us at Bahnwärter Thiel, Munich

2021.      Broke Today Cross-Over-Exhibition, Maschinenhaus Schwabing, Munich

2021.     Pride Take-Over, Solo Exhibition, Bahnwärter Thiel, Munich

2021.      Performance and Solo Exhibition as EXIT GENDER SPACE, Ägyptisches Museum,                          Munich   

2019.      Artlake Festival, Finsterwalde near Dresden  

2018.      EatPoetry - Food and Art a la Carte, Solo-exhibition, Munich                                                                               

2018.      Wannda Kulturfestival, Munich             


2017.      Wannda Kulturfestival, Munich 

2016.      Wannda Kulturfestival, Munich 

2015.      Wannda Circus Open Air, Munich

2012.      Grande Massive Festival, b-05 Art- and Culture Centre, Montabaur

2012.      Graduate Exhibition at the University of Koblenz

2011.       An:KO, Exhibition of Contemporary Art at Koblenz Central Stati

2010.      Annual Exhibition at Haus Metternich, Koblenz


Tumblingerstraße 45, 80337 München, Deutschland

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